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Leo Goeyens is an academic staff member of both the Department of Analytical and Environmental Chemistry at Vrije Universiteit Brussel and the Centre for Food and Microbial Technology at Katholieke Universiteit Leuven.


Life and Chemistry Office offers experienced support and advice in chemical matters, more particularly chemical analysis as a major tool for industrial developments, environmental quality, food safety and human health as well as inherently linked aspects of data treatment and quality assurance.

  • As a first step in research and prior to the determination of research objectives, comprehensive information gathering and literature surveys as well as their evaluation and assessment are indispensable for succesful scientific activities.
    Relevant literature studies were carried out eg. within the framework of research projects on endocrine disrupters, heavy metals in ceramics and persistent organic pollutants such as polyhalogenated hydrocarbons.
  • Succesful funding of research proposals submitted at regional, national or international authority levels requires elaborate preparation and strong evidence for scientific relevance and originality and well underpinned feasibility. Recent and relevant projects, coordinated by LG, focussed on contaminants’ migration into food and beverages, dioxins and dioxin-likes in food items and environmental matrices and endocrine disrupters in consumable goods.
  • Following literature surveys, data acquisitions and treatment as well as research conclusions: dissemination of the scientific know-how and research conclusions is highly significant. Different options can be choosen; either peer reviewed and non-reviewed publications, oral talks or seminars can be selected in view of appropriate communication with target groups. LG authored and co-authored over 100 peer reviewed papers and over 200 non-reviewed papers; moreover, he edited multifold scientific talks and seminars.


  • You search for sound scientific profilation — On your demand talks and seminars are designed, prepared and/or presented by LCO; presentations in flemish, french and english are possible.
  • Strenghtening your business on a solid scientific basis — On your demand and in collaboration with you, general or in-house training sessions and courses can be prepared and presented by LCO.
  • Aspiring an enhanced scientific value through research — LCO provides support for the preparation and design of research proposals and coordinates ongoing projects.
  • You value the dissemination of your scientific know-how — To prepare your texts for peer reviewed scientific journals, non-reviewed journals, web sites, flyers or alternative communication means, LCO offers support.
  • You want your chemistry textbooks reviewed — LCO takes care of critical book recensions for you.

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