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… This book is a collection of case studies, ingenious developments that amazed me and left me with a feeling of admiration or shame and anger. In chemistry there is good and bad news, and there is a great deal of uncertainty.
There is no going back on the development that chemistry has undergone. What then is now the best course of action? There is no simple answer to this question. There is no single miracle solution that can instantly cure all ills. But opportunities are available and new opportunities will continue to emerge. A sound, rational approach is our best tool to keep making progress. Why not think differently about chemistry and particularly about food chemistry, and ask ourselves how willing we are to gamble with our own and other people’s health?
This collection of case studies does not attempt to force decisions. It does not fix preferences for one or other approach. It is merely a collection of suggestions from which you, dear readers, can choose freely. It is quite simply a collection of striking ideas upon which you are invited to reflect and which maybe will help you decide on the best course of action for us all.
We should however cease to be merely spectators, allowing things to happen outside our own volition. When it comes to mapping out a plan to combat the growing pandemic of diseases caused by chemical pollutants, contaminant cocktails are still not receiving due attention. The myopic approach that is currently being adopted fails to take stock of the strong scientific evidence…